Ateneo LSE - Netherlands is run by volunteers. We don't get any form of payment. Our only source of funds is the registration fee we collect from the students. We in the Secretariat gladly give our time and energy -- and often shell out our own money -- but we cannot sustain this course without your helping hand. We are always on the lookout for business sponsors and welcome individual donations in order to improve the course and sustain the success the LSE has gained in the Netherlands.

Why sponsor?

Supporting the Ateneo LSE makes good business sense. Ateneo LSE can help open up market opportunities. Our target participants are ambitious and business-minded individuals who are planning to start their own businesses (in the Philippines and Netherlands)  or are already engaging in entrepreneurial activities. They are natural networkers, often active not just in the Filipino community but also in their respective Dutch networks (e.g. church, office, volunteer activities, sports team).

By getting connected with these highly active networkers in the Filipino community in the Netherlands, you’ll get relevant access to this potential target audience that can help expand your market and social reach.  

  • Banks, financial advisers, business service industry: Target are audience composed of participants / alumni who are ambitious and business-minded individuals who are planning to start their own businesses (in the Philippines and Netherlands), or are already involved in entrepreneurial activities; facilitators, partners, and panelists who are successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines and Netherlands.
  • Food products/service/operator-related businesses: Many of the participants are involved in horeca, hospitality industry, or plan to set-up food-related businesses
  • Logistics / export-import-related / money transfer business / communications / mobile: Majority of participants regularly send goods to the Philippines; and majority plan to set up or are already involved in businesses in the Philippines.
  • Business coaches / companies offering educational support or operational support for start-ups, ZZP-ers, freelancers (e.g. marketing coaches, website designers, personal success coaches, tax advisers): Participants will be looking for additional / complementary support for planning and launching their business

* This presentation is not a direct sales pitch, but rather a type of native advertising. For it to be an effective form of sponsoring, the company presentation has to match the form and function of the LSE programme. "Educate, not pitch" is the guiding principle for this communications touchpoint. We will ask sponsors to highlight interesting business challenges and insights about their experiences in their field, or specific aspects of the business such as marketing, promotions, pricing, etc. A short Q&A portion can be done after the presentation.

** This blog post series will cover relevant topics that fall under the three major themes of the LSE program: leadership, financial literacy/ planing, and social entrepreneurship. The focus will vary from inspirational and strategic to practical tips and how-to topics.

Can't sponsor? You can still help!

We understand if budget concerns restrain you from selecting one of our sponsorship packages. We appreciate the challenges of trying to run one’s business on limited resources.

And let’s face it. It might even be the case that you are attracted to our vision and mission, but not to the marketing value for your business. It’s OK -- obviously we are not your traditional channel for marketing and we cannot compete with them.

However, if you do believe in the power of business for social good, and want to lend a helping hand, please consider making a donation. Any amount will help us make the Ateneo LSE-NL 2017 even better than before.
As a token of appreciation, if you make a donation of at least € 50 we will:

  • Put your name and link to your website on our Friends of LSE page on our website.
  • Include your name on our Friends of Ateneo LSE slide to be shown during break times on the opening day and graduation day.

How to donate

  • You can send your donations to anyone of the secretariat members.
  • Via bank transfer to the LSE-NL Coordinator: FC Almodiel Luteijn NL40 RABO 0306 2978 84